When Pigs Fly… & Other Assorted News

Now that we’ve got your attention… pigs aren’t flying… we’re throwing a Member Appreciation BBQ just for U!  Check out the events section (just gaze to your right, click on the event, you can do it, you’re a grown up) for all the details.

Annnd. we’ve got a few new classes on the schedule too.  We’re growing like a weed and added a few more slots to keep you a lean machine this spring.  Sats @ 9am is brand new — it’s a solo version of the team WOD (perfect for all you loners out there).  Suns @ 11am is new too — now you have 3 time slots on Sunday to get some work done.  New classes start March 17!

5 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly… & Other Assorted News

    1. The solo version of team wod at 9am sounds like it was created just for you, Terri. Except…. the 9 am part! 🙂

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