Welcome Back!!


Michael and I are proud to say the gym and equipment have never been cleaner. Fresh coat of paint and 100% all equipment has been sprayed and wiped with a Non-Toxic, Antibacterial, Cleaner, Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Deoderiser, Fungicide, Mildewstate and Virucide. Click here for Material Safety Data Sheets.


We’ve made some adjustments to our layout and will be completed later next week.

• Gray lockers are now located upstairs in our new lounge area.
• The kids room couch will be completely reupholstered and delivered next week and to be used in the new lounge. Bean bag chairs are in the kids room.
•  A 40″+ TV will be in the lounge area facing the couch and jujitsu style mat and RomWod will be on display for mobility any time.
• By late next week, the Air Conditioned vent will be extended to a T branching off 2 vents to provide cooler air to the area along with some fans to help circulation and comfort.

* the upstairs was the last part of our improvements and will be completed soon.


As you may have noticed the Zoom workouts have been a little different. With the help, guidance, support of our coaches and extensive interviews with providers we have changed from following New England to subscribing to NCFit by Jason Khalipa.

We now have the following 5 Programs (in alphabetical order):

At Home (NCGO): A workout designed specifically for Travel or At Home/Zoom only requiring a pair of dumbbells or odd objects.

Competition (NCComp): This supplements the NC60 programming for those wanting to do a little more (this would be a 90min class). We are in discussion and planning on how to implement this program in the future.

CrossFit (NCMetcon formally NC60): This is the traditional model for classes that include higher skills such as: handstand walks, muscle ups, rope climbs, etc.

Masters 50+: Scaled version of CrossFit and NCX

NCX formally NC45: The same as NCMetcon with out the higher skills technical movements. We are in discussion and planning on how to implement this program in the future.

For Now, we are only using the CrossFit and At Home.



• Everyone must sign a Covid-19 Waiver either at class or through this link
• Bathrooms will be available with the following guidelines:

• 1 person at a time
• No congregating around the bathrooms.
• Form line out outside, if necessary
• Spray and wipe all contact surfaces including: handles, faucets, soap and sanitizer dispensers, sinks, etc.

On Monday we will have free coffee, water, individual wrapped BBQ Pork and Chicken Sandwiches by DAS BBQ, and a free T-Shirt as long as supplies last.


Murph is tough if you’ve been training for months, now that we’ve been off for 7 weeks or more please consider scaling to avoid injury. We will have many options

Please reach out to us at info@crossfitrx.com if you have any questions or comments.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! We are looking forward to seeing everyone nextweek!

Michael and Ruben


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