Week 7 Strength, Preview, Birthday, Attendance, and more

STAY IN CONTROL – CrossFit is intense. You will push yourself harder than you ever have before. However, you should always be in control of your movements, your weights and how you affect the members around you. Dropping barbells with bumper plates are permitted to prevent injury but you must stay in control of the barbell to prohibit injuring your peers or damaging nearby equipment. If you have to drop a dumbbell, it’s too heavy. You should be in control of the weight, not the other way around!

In the warm-ups, you will see Crossover Symmetry, Banded 7s, and Hip Halo options thrown in. Also, a little Hinshaw and Burgener Warm-Ups mixed in, so enjoy, and Here We Go Again!


In this new cycle, we are switching our focus to heavier Front Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, and some weighted gymnastic movements that will get us through the end of July. The focus will be on gaining strength and muscle endurance in our drive and pull. Don’t worry; we will have some Olympic lifting mixed into the workouts. Also, we will provide videos of each strength/gymnastic movement and scaling options.

Week 7 (July 18)
Day 1: 1 In the Hole Front Squats x 5 sets @80-90% of 1RM / 2 Strict Weighted Pull-ups x 5 sets @70-80% of 1RM Day 2: 1 Bench Press x 5 sets @80-90% of 1RM / 3 High Box Jumps x 5 sets
Day 3: 1 Deadlifts x 5 sets @80-90% of 1RM / 45-55% Deficit Strict Handstand Push-ups of Max Reps x 5 sets

The days that have 2 strength movements. They are meant to be done as a “Super Set”.

“Athletes will be working back and forth between tempo front squats/bench/deadlift and weighted pull-ups/Box Jumps/HSPU”

* The difference between a heavy single and 1 rep max is that a heavy single is a successful attempt that the athlete is confident that they could perform again after a few minutes of rest. Workouts that state percentages off of 1RM is actually 1RH.


In our strength cycles we use percentages. The working percent written are not hard numbers. Use the “Perceived Exertion Scale” and “Feeling”. For example, if it calls for 60%, think of it as 6 out of 10. 10 being, you can’t lift anymore than that. If 50% feels heavy then stop, because it feels like a 6. In addition, if the workout calls for an 80% day but you’re feeling a 7/70% then stop. That is you 8 for the day. On the other side, if you had a great nights rest, ate well and full recovered, chances are you may be able to go a little higher than what is written. Here is a video link with more information.

WORKOUTSFor this week, we have a good mix of workouts. Monday’s workout falls in line with last week’s workout with high-skilled lifting while under heavy duress. Tuesday’s workout is a sprint, repeat, and hold on, while Wednesday will be a grind with serious core fatigue. Then, we have a repeat partner workout from way back to February 24th, 2021 on Thursday that will light the legs up. Friday will be a new challenge for a lot of members with the overhead walking lunge.ACCESORY / MOBILITY

We will have cool down and videos by Kelly Starrett, the Supple Leopard, from the Ready State for learning and to do on your own.

No Yoga with Bee this week


We have the following programs for you:Open Gym Tuesday and Thursdays 5am and 1pm-3:30pmBJJ led by Coach Nic at 5am Tuesday and Thursday. Please email him @ nicalarcon@gmail.com for details
Member Hazael Cortez has volunteered to organize a CFRX Soccer team through the Atlanta Silverbacks. Contact her at: hazaeljc@gmail.com or text @ ‭(706) 461-4546‬

Here is some details:The league is called Silverbacks SoccerLocation: 3200 Atlanta Silverbacks Way, Atlanta, Georgia 30340Games are played every Tuesday evening anywhere between 6:35pm and 10:15pmNeed 10 players, 5 male 5 female. They field 7 at a time with 3 male and 3 females + subs.Seasons are all year long, about nine weeks long, and breaks during ChristmasCost: $899 to enter. Cost will be split evenly amongst players. Plus cost of jersey. Individual price will depend on how many players we have. CFRX will donate $100 towards shirts and fees.Next season starts August 9th.Please email Hazael to sign up or more information.
Monday, July 17th: Jerome MageeTuesday, July 18th: Coach BrookeSaturday, July 23rd: Daniel Laterza
⭐ 7 Sign-ins/Days: Erik Meadows

6 Sign-ins/Days: Jonathan Flack, Antonio Apanco, and Ryan Hill

5 Sign-ins/Days: Adrian Martinez, Matthew McLarnon, Jonathan Parks, Ivan Parris, Brian Sullivan, Don Cruz, Nicole Lee, Timothy Bryan, Ryan Gesser, and Melissa Hall

Please make sure to sign in using the Wodify Client app available for IOS and Android
Help us to run our classes better:Register before you come to classShow up 5min early especially if you need modificationsLet the coach know if you have any injuries or anything else that will require modifications. The coaches can help give you alternative movements to achieve the same stimulus.If you are late, be courteous to the coaches and others. Please do your best to be on time.Everyone is permitted to stay 10-15 minutes to do accessory or mobility as long as the class has the right of way with space and equipment. 

We love that everyone likes to stay after to socialize but be courteous to the coach and class by making sure you keep the noise level to a minimum.

We subscribe to Mayhem for our programming from Monday through Saturday. Mayhem is an Affiliate, located in Cookeville, TN., owned by Rich Froning who became the first person to win the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” four times with his first-place finish in the 201120122013, and 2014 CrossFit Games. In 2015201620182019, and  2021 he led a team from CrossFit Mayhem to the first-place finish in the Team category in the CrossFit Games.
The programming is developed by Darren Hunsucker and Mayhem performs the workouts before he publishes them to us. He receives feedback which he then makes adjustments, if necessary. We are 3 weeks behind Mayhem.

The Target Times and Time Caps are not arbitrary. These values come straight from performances. It’s nice to have the workouts tested before we use them.

Sunday is a much slower, body building, accessory style programming. We encourage members to attend.
Please make sure to sign in to reserve a spot in class and cancel as soon as you know you cannot make it.
We are still capping in class attendance to 14, be prepared to work out outside if there is overflow. Anyone has the option to work out outside. Workout and equipment may need to be modified.

Here are some helpful links:Manage your profileTracking Your PerformanceHow to reserve a classHow to add/update payment methodSwitching between Gyms
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For more information about us, visit: www.crossfitrx.com/all-the-details
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Many thanks,

Michael and Ruben

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