Wednesday, September 26, 2012

coach michaelsaurus learning to fly


10 Minutes to find a 1 Rep Max Bench


“Beer Goggles”
3 Rounds For Time:
5 Hang Power Cleans (185#/135#)
10 Ring Dips
1 Rope Climb

NOTE: Sub 15 Jumping Pull Ups for each rope climb if needed.


2 Minutes: Max Rep Toes To Bar

15 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 26, 2012

  1. Bench Press, 130. New PR by 5#’s.

    Beer Goggles, 6:50 with 115# HPC, banded box dips, and jumping pullups

    2 minutes of TTB practice

  2. 190# bench, new PR.
    WOD: 6:32 at 115# cleans (and the rope cut the hell out of my hand, but, hey, climbing rope is fun)
    25 TTB

  3. Great time at 8:30 class after coming back from being sick for a week!

    I finally got my first toes to bar… and then 14 more!

  4. Bench press 120# – not sure if this is a pr

    Beer goggles: 5:39 with 105# HPC, ring dips with tiny blue, and jumping pull-ups. Ring dips were by far the hardest part. All HPCs unbroken

  5. Great workout. Shoulders are completely gone.

    155# on the bench. Got close to 165 which would be a PR.

    Beer goggles in 6:42 w 145# HPCs. Rest RX.

    38 TTB.

  6. Love flying coach.
    Eagerly await rules for clean eating challenge.
    I was going to take a rest day but the gym was calling to me.
    65# bench. failed several times at 75#. should have tried in between. “beer goggles”: 7:55 with 65# clean; ring dips with blue band; and jumping pull ups

  7. Bench: 85#

    Then went climbing with Michael at wallcrawlers. Y’all should check it out if u haven’t been over there.

    And good photo! That would break my back in half.

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