Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Run 1 Mile
10 Minutes to: Find a 1 Rep Max Bench
“Mash Up”
On the Minute for 12 Minutes:
Odd: 5 Strict Presses
Even: Max Pull Ups

15 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 12, 2012

  1. mile: 9:18 (thanks to YOU Meeks! I wasn’t about to run alone at 6am!)
    BP 1RM: 125# (shoulder was not feeling it today)
    Mash-Up: 75# & 98 pull-ups (Worked on my butterfly kip! My hands are destroyed.)

    Excited to see everyone tonight!

  2. 7:37 mile…fastest recorded time i have so far

    85# bench
    I feel kinda stuck at this-for some reason my body won’t let me bench more..

    55# strict press, 88 pull ups

  3. I really didn’t want to rip so I took it alittle easy on those pull ups.

    65 for strict press
    102PR for bench

    Hen Party tonight, bring food and drink if you want, don’t worry if you didn’t sign up at the door, see you gals tonight!

  4. Mile in 10:15

    45# SP
    70# BP
    49 pull ups with a band

    See you tonight!!

    p.s. I am not a hen. I really am more of a roseate spoonbill.

  5. First day back after 3 weeks nursing injured ankle and strained oblique. So glad to be back! 7:59 mile. 95# bench. 55# press. 74 pull ups with red band. Great hen party – thanks to Jessy, Amy L and Erica!

  6. Thanks AmyL, Jessie, Erica and all for a wonderful hen (& alternate bird) get together tonight! Great seeing gym pals old and new!

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