Wednesday, October 10, 2012


10 Minutes to: Practice/learn Rope Climbs


5 Rounds For Time:
400 Meter Run
30 Box Jumps (24”/20”)
30 Wall Balls (20#/14#)

7PM: CEC Benchmark WOD & Movement Test (last call for make-ups on this part of the CEC)

29 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 10, 2012

  1. Slowest. Kelly. Ever.

    As in slower-than-my-first-ever-Kelly-as-a-newbie-CrossFitter slow.

    So bummed…was hoping to keep my sub-30 streak going but, alas, I was humbled.

    31:23 {sigh}

    I don’t like that clock on the wall right now… not my friend today.

  2. 25:59 rx. Not sure if that’s a PR. Anyone have the blog links for the last time we did this?

    Good to have Bryan to compete with. Congrats to him on making the board!

    1. Christian, I was just looking at the old blog. Your last “Kelly” post I saw said you made the board at 25:xx, so not sure about seconds but you were within a minute this time.

      1. Thanks Paige! Wish I’d been able to beat that time but I’ll take consistency on this one!

        PS – How do you look at the old blog?

  3. Why do you always put the fun ones on the random rest/lifting practice day I decide I’m going to take? Never fails!

  4. “Kelly”: 33:11

    Previous times on this Rx were closer to 40 mins, so I’m happy I scaled it–made an 18″ box and used 10 lb ball. Still an awesome workout! Nice job 6 am.

  5. It was good to be back in the gym today! Still resting my shoulder though. Trying to be smart!

    24:49 – with 15 GHD for run & 30 squats for WB

  6. 27:21 RX, that was with a 24 inch box and 14 lb ball. David made alittle change inorder to do the same “Kelly” on the big board.

    It was very very very very x infinity miserable!
    But we did it 8:30;)

  7. Awesome job Jud, I hope you make the board.

    32:39 – I think this is PR of several minutes, my quads are still burning.

    1. You did great considering u luv some box jumps.

      If I make the board I’ll be happy, if not, I’ll make it next time it rolls around.

  8. This was a horribly awesome intro to Kelly.

    40:50 20″ and 8lb ball

    But feeling awesome the rest of the day? Priceless!

  9. First day in since re-injuring my back on the thruster ladder back in September. Did a couple rounds of Kelly slowly.

  10. Day 5 of CEC going pretty well. So tired going into this wod, though, and just glad I slogged through all 5 rds. Jumped on 15″ box and after 1st rd just stepped up. 6lb wall ball. 42:29
    Whupped now and taking tomorrow off.

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