Wednesday, May 8, 2013



Run!! AKA “cherry pickers rest day”
8 x 400m, on the three-minute

NOTE: Each rep if performed on the 3-minute & should be an all out effort. If you think this is too easy, run faster AND/OR add a weight vest or sled. Then we’ll talk.


100 HR Push Ups, for time

9 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 8, 2013

  1. Best Wod Ever.

    Love it… but my busted knee doesn’t… finally a WOD I actually like and I can’t run 🙁

    Jud, make me proud…

    P.S. that’s 2 miles in bite sized pieces… the math just made it a real cherry pickers rest day.

    1. I miss CFRX. Not only is my back effed, now my knee has joined it. Going to the Emory Spine Center on Tuesday.

  2. Terri, hope you get well soon!

    I am super sick, so I feel your pain. I miss the 7pm crew, and would actually love to do this one since running is one of my many goats. Ah well.

  3. But Carolyn, not to worry…Sunday is goat day for the next few weeks. Still a chance to run if you are really that disappointed. BLLEEEAAATTT…
    😉 Hope you feel better soon- 7pm crew misses you too!

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