Wednesday, June 6, 2012

“This is a Test”
Squat Snatch (135, 95)
Elevated Handstand Push Up (2 45# plates, 1 45# plate)
Clean and Jerk (225, 155)
Deadlift (315, 215)
Weighted Push Ups (45/25)

18 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 6, 2012

  1. G’day Y’all!

    Cheers from NZ… Clint & I did JT at Kia Kaha CrossFit in Auckland today… I (E) had a warm up of 5.65 miles along coast. Seriously, the view was insane and even if you don’t like running, you would enjoy this route, I promise. Oh, and this was all done in my snazzy CFRX teal tank — the swag has gone global 🙂

  2. That WOD was a beast!! Did everything RX except the Clean & Jerk, did #165, very weak……36:18, wow that’s a long time……..If someone does Clean & Jerk #225 that is impressive!

  3. I really liked this workout!
    75lb squat snatch
    95lb clean and jerk
    155lb dl
    Everything else RX, wish I had gone heavier on the snatch and clean and jerks even by 5lbs. Other than that good day! And I would like to do this again soon.

  4. Lots of mods, but happy that I was able to do the movements with no pain.

    65# squat snatch, HSPU to 2 abmats
    95# power clean & jerk, pistols to stack of plates
    115# DL, push-ups with 25#(?) plate

  5. Okay…normal humans can scale this to light/moderate. Like me: 45# squat snatch, pike pushups on box, 75# C&J, pistols on box, 125# DL, plank pushups. Time: 20:16

  6. I lied , hspu were normal, too new to that movement for the craziness that was RX today! Man, I wish I had gone heavier!

  7. Anyone interested??

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    Details about this event:
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    1. Haha!!!! if you go to the website, you can see a picture where me and Kristin are in the way back (I have on a pink jacket and she has her grey CFRX shirt on!!)

  8. Although the workout was brutal – I kind of liked it! I did everything RX but the weights.

    Squat Snatch: 85#
    Clean & Jerk: 115#
    Dead Lift: 195#


    I’m exhausted!

  9. Can we get these spammers off the site? Sheesh.

    This was a fun one!


    35# SS, which were more like PS followed by a squat. (Must learn to drop.) Pikes from a box.

    65# PJ, which were more like PP. (See parens above.) Pistols from a box.

    105# DL. Hand-release push ups with 5 extra pounds.

  10. 17:13
    squat cleans instead of snatch #65
    first time squatting with weight in awhile 🙂
    pike from box
    pistols to a box
    Deadlift #155
    Clean & Jerk #65 (went too light)
    #25 push ups

    If you are interested in participating in a photo shoot at the old gym tomorrow please email me
    I’m thinking about having a session after the noon class, but not sure if anyone will be interested. I did a last minute session on Sunday and I love shooting in the old gym. Sweaty portraits :)….. I’ll post some examples to crossfitrx facebook page for you to check out.

  11. I didn’t think I’d PR on this one, so I ran for 30 minutes instead. Re: spam on the blog, I hear Akismet works pretty well.

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