Wednesday, June 27, 2012



5 x 1
Push Press
5 x 1
Push Jerk
5 x 1

NOTE: Must increase weight every set. For example: If your last set of presses is 105, you must start your push press with at least 110. Racks allowed, if needed.


100 abs (any style; for effort, not time)

24 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 27, 2012

  1. Love, love, loved this am! Great music, great company, and PRs! Thanks, Coach Pat!

    Strict press: 70# PR
    Push press: 90# PR
    Push jerk: 105# PR

    (Confession: PRs because I hadn’t tried them before.)

    Plank holds in place of situps.

  2. Yeah, what Jessica said!

    No PRs for me: 65, 75, and 90. I need to just set a goal to jerk 100 lbs. Then did 50 GHDs and 50 abmat situps, alternating by 25. Worked well to break it up.

  3. SP: 100
    PP: 115
    PJ: 135

    I had a little more in me on all 3 lifts, and none of these are PRs. I just felt distracted and not focused enough to go heavier this morning.

    Ended with 100 abmat situps.

  4. PRs all around.

    Strict press; 55
    Push press: 70
    Push jerk: 75

    100 ab mat sit-ups.
    Fun to play today! Thanks for the great coaching Pat!

  5. It was a PR kind of day at noon

    SP- 170 PR
    PP – 205 PR
    PJ – 225 tied PR, but happy after all these lifts to get that.

    1. A couple of slight PRs – yay! Then 100 abmat situps.

      Strict press: 59# (PR)
      Push press: 66#
      Push jerk: 81# (PR)

      1. Well, that wasn’t a very good reply to Bryan. How about: Bryan, you are a STRONG MAN! Way to go on the PRs and congrats to all on a great lifting day!

    2. Whoa!! This is gigantic! A result of your consistency along with great programming. Congrats Bryan. Miss you.

  6. Today’s beach WOD: one hour of stand-up paddling.

    Ruth was way out in front again this year and, cocky from her success, fell in twice. I lost my way, ran aground in the reeds, and needed coaching to get back out. We go again in the morning.

  7. 65# cleans
    70# squat cleans
    125# deadlifts – I am going to call that a PR.
    Thanks to Kelly and Terese for helpful advice on these!

  8. SP: 80# PR
    PP: 110# PR
    PJ: 115# PR

    Today was a great day for lifting 🙂 I felt really good and focused.

    100 hollow body rocks

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