Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thanks RAM athletics!


60 Burpees
50 Deadlifts
40 T2B
30 Jerks
20 Alternating Lunges (standing in place)

NOTE: Sub for T2B is V Ups. One barbell only, same weight across. RX = 160/100

7 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 12, 2013

  1. Tough workout!
    17:35 with 135#
    After yesterday’s farmer carries and today’s jerks and lunges, all I can think is Crossfit wins. I give.

  2. 18:52 at 100# with V-ups. It occurs to me I had not done those kind of weighted lunges before…Brutal.

  3. Thanks to the rest of the 7 am crew for cheering me over the finish line today. 31:35 @ 105 LBs. I dont think I have ever worked harder… and I very nearly met Pukey today.

    Let’s do it all again tomorrow.

  4. Yes today was a great wod !
    Burpees suck as usual but the real challenge came with the 30 Jerks combined with the 20 lunges.
    Oh boy ! 115lbs 23:33

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