Wednesday, July 25, 2012


7 Minutes to:
Hang Power Clean
2 reps Every Minute On the Minute

7 Minutes to:
Power Clean
2 Reps Every Minute On the Minute

7 Minutes to:
Squat Clean
2 Reps Every Minute On the Minute

NOTE: There is NO rest between different lifts…this WOD is 21 minutes straight through. You may use different weights for each lift, but prepare accordingly.

11 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 25, 2012

  1. Hi friends! I’m back from Germany but sick sick sick. See you when I am well again and not sick.

    p.s. Guess what the Germans eat for breakfast. Bread! With a side of bread. And some bread on top. With a bread sauce.

    1. Welcome back. Sorry you are sick, sick, sick. Does it have anything to do with the bread, bread, bread?

      We missed you.

  2. HPC: 110
    PC: 120
    SC: 120.

    I could have and should have gone heavier on the HPC and the PC. I tried 130 for the squat clean and got a lift or two at that weight, but my brain wouldn’t allow me to drop under the bar. I can squat clean 130 and more, but I have to warmup to it with light squat cleans first. Very telling workout. I need to practice heavy squat cleans.

  3. Much harder than I thought. Glad I pushed myself and started to actually feel my hips pop today and get under the bar.
    HC – 185
    PC- 205
    SC – 185 (two rounds failed, the first was at 195 so dropped down, the second was the fourth round)

  4. HPC-100#
    PC- 110#
    SC – 120#

    It was hard to guage where to start. The HPCs and PCs weren’t hard at all and I could have done more. The SCs were a real challenge. I can clean it and catch in a squat with no problem, but its so hard to stand up! I struggled but didn’t miss any because of plenty of time to rest. Good workout and excellent coaching by Emily.

  5. 135/175/135

    Failed the first attempt at 155 on the Squat Clean then went down to 135. Could have done more on the Hang Clean.

  6. Did this a day late cause it looked so fun!
    HC: 105
    PC: 115
    SQ: 125

    Probably should have done a little more on the hang and power cleans, but the squat cleans were a good weight — did a pretty good job catching them in a squat but the last 4 or so were hard to stand up.

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