Wednesday, July 11, 2012


15 Minutes To:
Practice Cleans
5x Clean Complex: Power Clean+Hang Squat Clean+Squat Clean (increasing weight)


“Prairie Fire”
12 HSPU’s
2 Power Cleans
10 HSPU’s
4 Power Cleans
8 HSPU’s
6 Power CLeans
6 HSPU’s
8 Power Cleans
4 HSPU’s
10 Power Cleans
2 HSPU’s
12 Power Cleans

Men’s weight: 155
Women’s weight: 105

14 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 11, 2012

  1. Hey guys – I have been working out at Petoskey (MI) Cross Fit. Yesterday’s WOD:
    Warm-up: 3 rounds
    15 resistance push-ups, 8 ring rows, 15 pull-ups, 8 box jumps, 15 sit-ups.
    Skill: deadlift to 70%- 165#.
    WOD: 5 rounds for time. 400 m run, 15 OHS 45#. 12:08
    I miss you guys and that shiny new box. It’s glorious here, though, living on Lake Michigan. We sleep with the windows open and this morning I awoke with a cold nose. Good living. See you in August!

  2. Hi Sue!
    Looks like a great workout and warm up!
    Take care and enjoy your time there. See you soon. Brittany

  3. Worked out at Crossfit Ocean Isle Beach this morning.

    Strength: BS Up to 3 @ 165#

    4 Rounds of each 4 minute effort
    2 min amrap
    20 split jumps 10 HR push-ups, 10 pull-ups
    Followed by 1 set max effort unbroken FS @ 75#
    (FS must be finished within 2 minutes, rest remainder of 2 minutes)

    1) 100 Reps + 15 FS
    2) 70 Reps + 12 FS
    3) 70 Reps + 10 FS
    4) 65 Reps + 15 FS

  4. Used a light weight for the triplet and worked on landing in a squat position instead of a sumo, which is my unfortunate habit.

    Thanks, Kelly, for the great coaching! xo

    Metcon in 8:46 with #55 and no back problems. Yay!

  5. Clean Complex:

    “Prairie Fire”
    21:42 RX

    Last time I did this was October 10, 2011:
    77# power clean/ blue & red bands

    So I’m pretty happy with this. Need to work on PC form. Thanks David for the coaching!

  6. Miracles do happen. I was able to do a few HSPU a few years ago, but had some shoulder issues and have been using bands since – never done HSPU in a workout. Well the new gym has no bands. So I tried with one abmat – got the first 12 unbroken and that gave me the confidence for rest of workout. And was able to do this one RX – so stoked!!!

    RX (with one abmat) – 11:25

    1. Congrats Bryan! It was awesome to witness that milestone for you… Me and Kelly were joking about never having seen you smile so much in a workout. Great Job Bro!

  7. “Prairie Fire” is prob one of my favorite workouts! Not sure of time, but did 55# strict push press in place of HSPU and 75# power cleans.

    Only did power cleans and squat cleans for the wt lifting portion (up to 85#). Hang cleans scare me since I can no longer see the bar in that position 🙂

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