Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Great job CFRX @ Garage Games One!!


Glute Ham Raises, 3 x 8 OR learn what a hamstring is and how we don’t use em enough.


“Crazy Delicious”
7 Rounds:

Minute 1: 2-3 Rope Climbs – may sub 10-15 pull ups
Minute 2: 20 1-arm DB Push Press (50#/35#) – 10 with right arm then 10 with left (20 total per round)
Minute 3: 3 Deadlifts – climb to a heavy set.

NOTE: This is a 21 minute workout. On “go” do 2-3 rope climbs and rest the remaining part of the minute. At the next minute mark to 10 DBPP with right arm, then 10 with your right and rest the remaining time in the minute. At the next minute do 3 heavy deads and rest the remaining part of the minute. At the next minute mark start the 2-3 Rope climbs again and continue.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday, February 20, 2013

  1. Way to go RX teams!!! Can’t wait to see all of you at Regionals!!!

    This was such a fun workout and it was a blast to workout with the 8:30 crew!

    I did the rope climbs, 25# db push press, 145# deadlift! Thank you David for adding more weight to my deadlift….started out with 125 but he pushed me to 145 and I am so glad he did!

  2. Glute-ham work was a humbling experience…sorry, no pics from 7am.

    Banded pull-ups, 45# DBPP, and 225# for this week’s installment of Deadlift Wednesday.

  3. Glute hams are now on my list along with anything involving rings, double unders, and rope climbs. Metcon pullups, 55 # DBPP 255# deadlift. Great workout. Heading to ICEBOX for my first experience being frozen tomorrow and then off to the Rockies. Back to get the vacation out Wednesday.

  4. Between the glute hams & deadlifts I’m out of acronyms for awesome.

    Yesterday I decided to find my one-rep deadlift weight since the boys all went really heavy. I’m proud to say it is more than I weigh but on the flip side, I need someone to come deadlift me out of bed…I seem to be stuck here and can’t move…

    1. Well if you decide to stay in bed & not make an appearance today please let someone know so we don’t send out a search party

      The glute ham raises were quite interesting between the facial expressions & noises – Thanks Kelly for pushing me!

      kipping pull-ups (using the box), 20# db push press & 145# DL’s

      1. 911 allows you to run “wellness checks” on anyone – it’s my new super power (just hope I don’t abuse it…)

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