Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kyle Maynard, KStar, and Michael @ the Mobility Cert this Sunday
(thanks Elizabeth H. for the great pic!)
Just Google Kyle (he has been on Opra 4 times) &
to see how AMAZING these guys are…and we’re bring the awesomeness
back to CFRX just for you!!


10 Minutes to: Complete 50 Goodmornings, @ Moderate Weight OR Learn to Deadlift.


Find a Max Height Seated or Kneeling Box Jump


“Game Changer”
21 – 15 – 9
Deadlift (225#/155#)
Box Jump (30”/24”)

18 thoughts on “Wednesday, February 13, 2013

  1. Great pic!!! I would also like to point out that KStar and Kyle told one of the founders of Progenex that he needed to check our gym out cause we were one of the BEST around!!! Yay for networking and yay for the awesomeness of Crossfit RX!!!!!

    1. Jessie – That is the reputation you guys have. One of my friends that has be doing Crossfit for over 2 years in Buckhead told me when I joined that “his gym was for the masses, but CrossfitRX was where Athletes go” 😀 Love to be part of it!!!

      1. Hmmm. Carla: I hope that’s not true. Because I’m the masses, and CFRX is my gym.

        p.s. Last week I was sick as hell with norovirus, and this week I’m wallowing in the sloth pit that always follows sickness for me.

        p.p.s. I need to get back to the gym.

        p.p.p.s. It’s me! Terri!

        p.p.p.p.s. xo

          1. Lol! Omg terri-feel better! Need you back at the power hour….I’m getting really used to the 12 😉

  2. Yup….yay!
    Also….y’all don’t forget that we have our rowing seminar tonight at 7:00! We will not be closing the because of such last minute notice BUT! We will be catering to the rowers first tonight…we’ll get the class going over in a corner and let the rowers do their thang. Try and come earlier if at all possible!

  3. I was SO looking forward to Game Changer. Love this WOD. I busted it on box jump #21 in round 1 and had to stop so I could regain feeling in my shin. Crap!

  4. 32.5″ seated box jump, then…
    8:10 game changer with 205# DL and 24″ box jumps.

    And, I agree. After dropping in at a few gyms in the road – there’s no place like home!

  5. This was a fun one, although Game Changer is a little harder after all the other posterior chain work we did — I nearly whiffed it on one of my first box jumps in the WOD. 32.5″ seated box jump and 7:42 on the WOD with 195# DL and the 30″ box.

  6. Finally getting jet lag out of my system. 41 inch seated box jump 7:28 metcon 225lb first set then dropped to 205 for remaining sets. Enjoy the couplets. Mobility remains my limiting factor.

  7. Now this is some nice blogging – thanks all.

    WOD 7:00 135# DLs and the lower box. Still suffering mental blocks from the box jumps I did a few months ago and busted open my shin=8 stitches and UGly scar. (I need a tan).

  8. Seated box jumps – 24 – Total mental block… Ugh!

    Game Changer

    6:50 #75 and 24 box jumps… I know, baby weight 😛

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