Wednesday, December 5, 2012


10 Minutes Handstand Hold/Walk Practice

NOTE: If you have a handstand, go for max handstand walk distance OR try a handstand push up. If you don’t have a handstand, practice head-stands & frog-stands.


“Tried and True”
10 Box Jumps (30”/24”)
20 Air Squats
30 Double Unders
1 Rope Climb

NOTE: Rope climb sub is 5 Pull Ups

26 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 5, 2012

  1. Upside-down practice was fun! All that core work (plus three yoga classes in the past week or so) we’ve been doing is making me stronger!

    4 rounds + 20 for the metcon, with box steps and assisted pull ups.

    HB to young Preston, who is 30!

  2. 4 rds + 63 with step-up 20″

    best part of day was actually holding free standing handstand even if only for a short time 🙂


    handstands are getting wayyy better!

    “Tried and True”
    6rds + 6 RX—felt good today 🙂

    When we get the rock wall up I’m gonna do this WOD and sub a boulder problem in for the rope climb

    1. Hey Miss Amy – I thought you were going to rest. You gave in to temptation?? Take care of yourself. Mama’s orders!

  4. Preston, you have a great life ahead of you if you’re crossfitting at your young age. Happy Birthday!

    Sooo happy to get back to the gym today after a cold kept me away.
    4 rds + 1
    jumped on black box with yellow plate
    combination of DUs and singles
    pull ups mostly with just my tiny red band

    1. Glad you’re feeling better, Joy. What kind of shoes did you get? I am in the market for lifting shoes (possible) and new all-around cf shoes. thanks.

      1. New Balance 1400 running shoes. They’re fine for all around wod shoes. I am not at the level that I need lifting shoes. 🙂

  5. I feel like a baby walking for the first time! I walked a few steps today upside down. Although I need much more practice and shoulder strength, I’m making progress!

    Metcon- 4 solid rounds! I got some new red, tribal, tiger stripe tattoos today from the double unders!

    Thank you all for the advice today after the WOD! I appreciate those of you that coached me through some of my mobility and form issues and for the extra push to get me rockin’ out those bar muscle ups like a true champion!

    CROSSFIT RX, Thank you for the inspiration today!

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