Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Come back soon Coach Pat!! We miss you already.


15 Minutes to learn/practice Snatch, ascending weight up to 1 heavy rep


Snatch and Muscle Up Mash Up
On the Minute for 10 Minutes
Odd: Max Unbroken Touch and Go Power Snatches
Even: 4 Muscle Ups

NOTE: Snatch weight must be doable for min. 8 reps.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 19, 2012

  1. 95# squat snatch
    100# power snatch

    65# power snatches for the workout. I got 42 reps. 10 the first round and 8 every round after that. Subbed 4 pullups (blue) and 4 box dips (red) for the muscle ups.

  2. Up to 105# squat snatch.

    Used 65# for the mash up and got 8 each time so obviously I should have gone higher. Good work after a couple days off though.

  3. Oops. I said I got 49 reps at 45# but I misunderstood that unbroken was a requirement and not just preference. So, I need to knock off some reps. Not sure at the moment how many…

  4. oops i misread the unbroken thing too….hum-oh well it was my first day being back after being sick for the past few days. sooo glad to be back!

    i got 66 unbroken DUs 🙂 PR

    75# power snatch
    52 total reps @ 55#

    i know i did 10 unbroken the 1st round…maybe 6 the second round and 5 for the rest?

    pull ups/box dips

  5. 140# on the snatch. That’s a 5# PR!

    75# for the mash up. 68 reps. Did the MUs but missed 6 over 5 rounds. So, rx~ish.

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