Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Team CFRX wins the ATL Affiliate League…again!


Clean and Muscle Up Mash Up
On the Minute for 12 Minutes:
2 Unbroken Touch and Go Power Cleans (work up to max effort)
2 Muscle Ups or 3 Bar Muscle Ups or 5 Pull Ups


Tabata Ab Mash Up  
Hollow Body Rocks
Hollow Body Holds
NOTE: 4 min. Tabata interval for each movement.

29 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 12, 2012

  1. YAY team!!! You all look so happy, especially Sonya. 😀

    Rested yesterday. Tonight I may do yoga instead, although it’s mighty hard to resist an ab mash-up, and the clean and PU mash-up sounds fun-ish. Will decide later …

  2. Way to go team RX!!!!

    Confession: I, Amy Levens cannot do a muscle up. Not at all not even close. In my defense I have not practiced much the past 11 months, maybe I haven’t even practiced at all;(

    Jan 7, 2012, my little nieces birthday(remy) will be my one year. I have until then to do a muscle up or there is a 365 burpee penalty each day after that I fail to get one.

    Hold me accountable bloggers!!!

    Today’s WOD 125 cleans and jumping muscle ups

      1. Amy – you’ll get that muscle up. Want me to bring the shot glasses? But I’m also with Brittany, to me, you’re just about perfect at everything else!! Though once my shoulders are better, I’ll train with you to get that MU.

        Today I modified again with front squats & ring rows. I’m a front squatting maniac!

    1. I tried to post Khalipa’s muscle up tutorial on your facebook wall, and then I realized you got rid of Facebook. Jerk 😉

      I’m sure you’ll be coaching the rest of us on these in roughly a week.

    2. You’ll get it!! 🙂 Preston, Joey and Michael were lots of help when I was first learning….so ask them for advice.

  3. Interesting wod. I did pull-ups instead of MUs. Worked up to 115# PC and stopped increasing after I missed a few. Not a true 2 RM but it felt good and heavy.

    For the tabata mash-up, I did air squats (144), pushups on paralettes (64), and plank holds.

  4. Great turn out at 6:00a.m. today ..
    Worked up to 125# PC; did a few bar muscle ups at the beginning them switched to pull ups.
    Total of 173 between the v-ups and hollow rocks.

  5. Started and finished with 105 which is probably about 90% of my 1rm so happy with that and pull-ups

    My abs already hurt from the tabata

    Great to be back after a week in meeting land.

  6. This was HARD. 135# and a mashup of bar muscle ups and pull ups. I totally dropped the weight a couple times because I got cross fit brain and forgot they were supposed to be touch and go. Whoops!

  7. Fun at 4pm with all the women. I worked up to 80# power cleans and used red, then lavender, for pull ups.
    Tabata was painful but needed.

    Amy Levens will get a muscle up soon! Make your bro or soneone practice with you!

  8. 140/145# PCs. Got muscle ups for 10 rounds but there were none left in the tank after that. Pull ups for rds 11 & 12.

  9. 185# power cleans and pull ups

    I am looking for the best iPhone app for logging the wod’s

    Want to start logging electronically start of the year

    1. May I suggest workout hero? It’s already got all the Girls and Hero WOD’s in there, and an extra section with timers, how-to videos, and ebooks for download.

  10. rd1: 95#
    rd2: 100#
    rd3-12: 105#

    Did blue banded bar muscle ups for 7 rounds and then after 2 failed attempts at 8 I went to pullups.

    did 170ish for v-ups and hollow bodies lost count after 150….i got crossfit brain too.

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