Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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4 Rounds For Time:
Max Reps Chest to Bar Pull Ups in 2 Minutes
1 Minute Rest
Max Reps Push Press in 2 Minutes (165#/115#)
1 Minute Rest


10 Rounds (for effort not time):
7 Hollow Body Rocks
7 Superman Rocks
7 V-Ups

12 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 29, 2012

  1. Did regular kipping pullups instead of CtB b/c the ceiling at the hotel gym was too low ;). Used 116# for the PP weight.


    185 total reps

  2. Way to go pat!! You are so strong.

    32 CTB( had a lot of no reps but I didn’t count those) also only did three rounds bc I tore a few time, round 4 I did push ups.

    36 PP at 95 lbs

  3. I can claim first to RX both. But I am sure it will be beat tonight.

    57 CTB
    45 PP
    Managed to end with two blood blisters, but no rips.

  4. 2nd day back after a very long break. Very hard.

    Pull-ups: 95
    Did regular pull-ups…have enough baby weight now that CTBs are really difficult. Haven’t done pull-ups in over a month so my hands were the limiting factor

    PP: 65 @ 85. Felt very heavy.

    Long breaks from crossfit are not a good idea.

  5. 60 ctb w/lavender & red bandsĀ 
    105 pp at 55#

    5 rds of hollow-super-v. too difficult & form was suffering so i scaled rds

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