Wednesday, August 21, 2013

proving grounds cfrx130821:

Teams of 2
1000 Meter Row (500 each)
400 Double Unders
300 HR Push ups
150 KBS (70#/55#)
100 Pull ups

NOTE: One athlete works while the other rests. If you don’t have a teammate split the reps in half.

12 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 21, 2013

  1. Ryan G. + Ryan B. = 48:50. But to be fair, we’re a combined 12′ 6″ and 450 lbs, so it was a lot of Ryan to be rowed, jumped, pushed, and pulled around.

    Pack a lunch for this one.

  2. Big thanks to David on this one… we knocked it out. 41:15 (I think)… those silly pullups kept us from finishing out sub-40… But David kept me from dropping to my knees on the push ups & keeping the 55# kbs… I think I want to thank him… I mean those are all good things but I’m dead!

    P.S. thank you to the nice person who put away my kettlebell clutter — muchos thankos!

    1. Great job, Elizabeth! I think I am going to go after work at 7:30. That is my plan. Fingers crossed my motivation stays with me.

    2. Oh no – I am thankful to you. You totally carried the team! (i.e. I totally got my ass kicked by a girl:) Also kept me from slackin’. Yes I am sore as hell, but I actually enjoyed this teamWOD. Great partner! (next time I’ll pull more weight)

  3. 3 hours of climbing today. 2 hrs with Micheal lead climbing at SS and 1 hour at the new vertical mobility class at RX with Hilary at 6:30 (every Wednesday!). My fingers are sore and I have a few blisters so that means I had a good strong day of climbing.

    The class was awesome!! I highly recommend it if you want to learn to climb 🙂 and if you need direction on how to climb this is some great training. Or if you want to just have fun-was a crazy good workout.

    Worked on my technique and how to become more stable. We worked on sit starts, foot matches, pushing through my toes, knee drops, and flagging.

    Good job on the WOD today yall!

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