Wednesday 200401

CrossFit Rx – CrossFit


Join us for a coach-led @ home Zoom workout!! Click on the link below to hop in on the fun.



Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)



30min AMRAP

3 Rounds:

75 Double Unders

20 Jump Switch Lunges

20 V-ups


2 Rounds:

30 Air Squats

20 Sit Ups

15 HSPUs (any style you want)


1 Round:

50 Rocket Jumps to 12″ reach

200′ Reverse Bear Crawl

(Equipment subs:

Front rack reverse alternating lunges

Front squats or goblet squats

Dumbbell/barbell z-press

Wall balls or medball cleans)


Cool Down Thoughts

I don’t believe in labeling food as good/bad or clean/not clean. When it comes to food/drink selection, you need to ask yourself what are your current goals and is that treat something that will help you reach those goals or something that will veer you off the path towards those goals. We are all adults and can make food choices for a variety of reasons! Sometimes you just want a cookie…so eat the cookie!

How has your nutrition been during quarantine?

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