11 thoughts on “!!Weather Alert!!

    1. no prob…please stay safe & off the cra cra roads out there.

      & we’ll post another “homework wod” for the tomorrow a.m. crew, since we will not open until later in the day (if at all).

  1. Atlanta, GA. Constantly varied challenging weather conditions. I just hope that the region can recover and that after todays event we can all one day return to the lives we knew before the storm of 2014.

  2. If anyone knows someone who keeps Husky dogs it might be a good time to call them. Are any of you all active “preppers” ? What canned goods are acceptable paleo? Is it possible to die from a coffee overdose? These are all important questions to ponder right now.

    1. Ryan, by all means… post a video forecast to the Facebook page… we all need to stay informed… and we’re bored… and need something to pass judgement on…

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