Update Improvements and Phase 1

We are proud to announce that, for the next week, we are taking steps to deep clean the entire gym. All equipment has been moved toward the center floor to access the walls. Once clean, we will re-paint walls, trim, bathrooms, stairs, audio and office. Logo and graffiti will remain untouched for the moment.

We have the following plans for the upstairs.

• Hyper machine will be moved down stairs
• Lifting platforms will be disassembled and stored away
• A 25 degree climbing wall will be installed on the storage wall adjacent to the cinder block wall
• 70% of the floor will be padded for mobility and safety from the wall
• The last bit will be a lounge area with couch and tv

Barring some catastrophic 2nd wave outbreak. We have decided to re-open the gym on Tuesday, May 26th with the following schedule:

Monday through Friday
6am, 7am, Noon, 5:30 and 630

Saturday and Sunday
9am and 10am

• Hand sanitized at the beginning
• Classes will be capped at 5 persons
• Must pre register on Wodify
• Open Gym for 45min, 15min will be spent on resetting and cleaning equipment
• Coaches will supervise and enforce social distancing and clean up
• More details to follow

Preliminary Phase 2. Subject to change. No official date given

Thank you all for your patience. We have more to share soon.

Michael and Ruben





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