Tuesday, September 11, 2012


“Death By Power Clean”
For 15 Minutes
On the first minute complete one power clean
On the second minute complete two
On the third minute complete three… Etc.

Men: 155 lbs.
Women: 105 lbs.

NOTE: Reps do NOT have to be consecutive. If you do NOT complete the designated amount of reps for that minute, start back at the beginning (1 rep, then 2 reps on the following minute, etc.) until 15 minutes have passed.


5 Minutes to: Max Height Box Jump 


2 Minute AMRAP: V-Ups

6pm Skills: Snatch

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 11, 2012

  1. Bryan and Ethan!!! OMG, way to go!!!

    Also what is happening to 8:30?? Where has everybody been????

    Great job Jess and Sue and a huge thank you to coach Emily!!

    I made it to 10 RX , 40 inch jump and 57 v-ups

    Hen Party tomorrow night!!!! Don’t forget a snack and booze if you want;)

  2. You can always come at 6am Amy! That’s where the party is!

    8 rounds RX on cleans, 5 reps for 9th round, then back up to 6 rounds – tough second time around!
    39″ on box jump
    65 V-ups

  3. 9 rounds RX. Had more in me, but doubt it was enough to complete round 10 so I didn’t try. Then went 1-6.

    Then I did a half-ass attempt at:

    Max rep pull-ups: 17
    2 min toes to rings: 27

  4. 6 rds rx
    then did 1, 2, 3 reps 3xs was pretty rough

    did this back in February @ 95# up to 9rds

    Awesome job Amy and Sue! So much fun with yall today (and thanks for the pics Sue)

    box jump: 35″
    v-ups: 49

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