Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Great job to our CFRX teams who took 1st (pictured) and 9th at the CrossFit Affiliate League Comp this weekend!! BOOM!

12 Minutes to: Practice All-Things Handstand (i.e., walking, pushups, kicking up, …)


“Foxy Lady”

7 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans (45#/30#)
40 Double Unders


50 Partner Wall Ball Situps for time.

6 PM Skills: Pushing Overhead

14 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 2, 2012

    1. Are you asking if Liz is out of town this weekend do you mean “what if” 🙂 looks like you type as well as you text

      Love you mean it!!

  1. Knocked out about 15 doubles in warm up, then couldn’t string two together in the workout, so I switched to singles.

    4 rounds + 7 HSC + 60 singles

    Then Ruth and I did the partner sit ups with a #12 ball. Don’t remember our time.

  2. 4rds + 5 HSCs w 40# dumbbells. Got 28 or so unbroken DUs though which is a big PR. Almost 2 yrs of crossfit and it is finally starting to click!

    3:10 on the situps w DJ.

    1. I LOVE that video, and Remy I second the song haha! Slaughter DO NOT shave your head or do whetevar you want, its your head:) But I would ask Jess first, ha.Bring it on Forrest, I am ready to step it up!Also, everyone should have received an email from me in regards to giving back to a family through the Richstone Foundation. Please email or call me with any questions!

  3. 4 rds + 2 on the MetCon at 35#
    1:35 on the sit-ups
    Stuck around for the pushing overhead skills class–I always learn something new!

    1. so, does anyone else get spots on their face after doing hnsantadd pushups? i got dozens of little red spots that i didn’t notice until i got home last night is this a form thing?

  4. YAY, Teams CFRX! Congrats!

    Didn’t finish a round, but came close. 45 reps with 15# db; sit ups with 8#wb in 2:04

  5. yeah way to rock 1st and 9th yall!!

    4rds + 13 RX

    DUs were not with me today.

    stayed after to work on a grip workout on the rock rings and 4rds of 25 hollow body rocks , 1 min plank hold

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