Tuesday, November 27, 2012


30 Clean and Jerks for Time (135#/95#)


Pull Ups
5 x 8 Unbroken Reps


100 Partner Wallball Sit Ups

6 pm Skills: Monostructural Movement…Pose Running Drills

32 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 27, 2012

  1. Everybody say Grace! Jump shrug!

    p.s. I realize I’m stuck in the past, but I miss the days when CFRX used the hell out of our blog. It was FUN.

    p.p.s. Anybody reading this?

    p.p.p.s. Jump shrug!

    1. Yeah Terri, I’m usually following the blog. I always want to see the comments to get an idea of how painful the WOD will be.

      Usually I work out at night though, so I know no one will see what I write (because the next day will be posted shortly after).

      Since this is bright and early, I’ll give my 2 cents and say this doesn’t look that bad. Famous last words…

      1. Good morning, Matt!!

        Of course, everything we do is really very bad, but Grace is, at least, brief, so it’s only briefly bad.

    2. Terri, I’ve just been thinking about how I wish people would blog. And we’ve got lots of members these days! Maybe the feature could be added to the site (that we used to have) that lets you subscribe to comment replies.

  2. I haven’t CrossFitted in 4 days and I’m literally going insane!!!! Tom wouldn’t let me go yesterday bc I was sick, but I still would have gone. I can’t wait to get back at it today! 🙂 See everyone at the gym!

  3. 3:54, 75#
    Thanks for cracking the whip on the blog. Let’s share the pain and successes.

    And…Come to a party at my house Sat night, 8pm- ? DJ spinning records, bring peanut butter for my favorite food bank charity. 972 Dekalb Ave, #106. Park on Elizabeth. Celebrating another year under my belt.

  4. My goal for Grace today was to do 30 perfect cleans. Jump, shrug, fast elbows, drop under, no early pulling.

    I see now this goal was unrealistic.

    5:12 with 55# and lots of early pulling.

    Previous attempts, also with lots of early pulling:
    55#, 5:06, May 2012
    53#, 5:14, November 2011
    65#, 6:48, March 2011

    Welcome to Rollergirl Shannon! It was fun doing dozens of sit ups with you!

  5. This will be my first Grace tonight, an I pretty much do not want to come at all!!! Actually all of the sudden feel sick thinking about it. Any tips???

    Hey Terri

  6. 4:02RX

    Apparently I only PR on Grace In the third trimester pregnancy. My Last Grace PR was 4:07 RX When I was 30 weeks pregnant with Van. Today I am 31.5 Weeks pregnant and I PR’d by five seconds!! If I have a third child, maybe then I’ll go sub 4!

  7. Did I hear Burke say he was leaving??? I will miss you coach Burke, thank you for all your help!

    Ashley was my partner and she did amazing;) under 5 just like we wanted

    This was my first time doing “grace” and I hated it;) 3:05rx not fun, have to work on my form!

    Thanks Jess h for the support and taking pics

    Also way to go Devin, coming in sick! We better not all get sick now;)

    1. You did amazing too – you are so strong! Thanks to you and Jess for pushing me to beat the 5 minute mark.

      Hope your alignment issue is all better now!

  8. “Grace”
    5:45(7) I can’t remember @ 85#

    Pullups (30)

    – 1st set: 8 strict pull ups
    -2nd set: 4 strict then 3 assisted
    -3rd set 2 or 3 strict then 2 assisted
    -4th set: 1 strict plus 4 assisted
    -5th set: 1 strict plus 5 assisted

    Thanks to Burke for helping me through the last 4 sets by giving me a little assistance.

    Also, thanks to Mitchell who was my partner during “Grace” and situps.

    Good job to everyone! Always fun to watch.

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