Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our original crossfit kid Connor hard at work raising some ca$h


21 -15 -9
Power Cleans

Men’s weight: 115
Women’s weight: 80


“extra credit”
100 weighted ab-mat sit ups

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 5, 2012

  1. Once again I don’t remember my time, but I was pleased with it. I needed today because my thrusters are lacking and I found out that my cleans also need some technique work. Had fun!!! I uses a 20 lb dumb bell for sit ups I prefer that to the slam ball I found out.

  2. 14:38, rx
    This was seriously a tough one for me. I thought I’d never finish! I could definitely work on pacing myself better with the lifts.

    20# (50 reps), 15# (50 reps) dumbbells for sit ups

  3. Great workout this morning!

    8:45 RX. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Thrusters were broken 12/6/5, then 6/5/4, then 5/4. I rested for some long periods of time, but I think I made up for it by not having to break up thrusters as much as I anticipated.

    used 20# medball for situps

  4. Reggie and I untangled all of the jump ropes last night and draped them over the balcony. I’m not sure where their final destination will be but please try not to tangle them up again…THANKS!!

  5. Shoulder is still bothering me…used 35 lb for the thrusters and 65 for the cleans.

    20# dumbbell for the situps

  6. 45# for the miserable couplet. Forgot to note my time.

    10# dumbbell for the awesome sit ups. 😀 Should have used more weight. Next time!

  7. Great workout!! 7:48 at a paltry 45#…. But it’s a start, and after a year and a half off, I’m happy!

  8. Not sure of my time on the lifts. It was steadily slow though @ 105 and then 95#. 20# ball for the situps. Good to be back in the gym after ab a month.

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