Tuesday, July 3, 2012


5 Rounds For Time:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Jerks

Men’s weight: 155
Women’s weight: 105


*6pm Skill Class: “Wild Card” class…we cover movements not practiced in the previous classes.

29 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 3, 2012

  1. I am so proud of you guys that did today’s workout! As I was doing my mod wod, I felt like such a whimp. Wish I has sucked it up and just did it! So no matter your time or weight, You Did It!!!! And you are not a whimp! Happy 4th tomorrow!!!

    1. You are NOT wimp! You came in and complete a WOD, even with your commute, that’s dedication girl!! 🙂
      Happy 4th!! 🙂

    1. The gun is closed tomorrow.

      On this new website, the announcements are located in the upper right corner:-)

  2. 16:22 @ 95#
    1.5 rounds rx then dropped down to 95#. Such a supportive 6am crew today! You guys are awesome!

  3. 15:29 at 95#. This WOD really tested my grip of all things. I failed or had to stop a couple of times because I couldn’t stay in the hook grip.

  4. 13:48 rx.

    Have gotten back spasms during several WODs lately. They go away within 45mins afterwards but are sooo painful during. Anyone have preventative suggestions?

      1. Maybe more emphasis on the back during warmup? Back extensions, good mornings, situps come to mind. Then run through 1 round of the entire rep scheme at light weight, then again at moderate weight. Then a few reps at weight you plan to use for the wod.

        1. Smart advice.

          I decided that deadlifts, even the light ones I do in DT, weren’t smart for me after seeing Dr. Cho in Sadri’s office yesterday. I should have warmed up a lot more before my Sunday workout.

  5. 20:56 @ 85#

    DT is always tough for me.

    3 minutes slower than last time. Next time I will think of a rep scheme and stick to it. I’m realizing that I should strategize better before I get to the gym 🙂 good class

  6. Just didn’t have it in me today. Maybe this baby will be bonic like the last one in the 2nd trimester…we’ll see in 3 weeks.

    Did 2 round RX and it felt so much heavier than usual. Dropped to 95# for the last 3. Time was under 13, but forgot to look at the exact time.

    I have an RX DT time of 14:06 recorded from 2010, but I think I have done it since then and can’t find that time.

  7. Such a great time at the gym tonight! Major compliments on everyone’s deadlifts!! They were great! LOVE seeing that!

  8. 15:55 @ 115

    Started at 125 but quickly scaled after 1 rd. felt slow but I checked the link frm August and this is a minute faster and 5# heavier. So, slow progress but it is still progress.

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