Tuesday, July 24, 2012


5 Rounds For Time:
400 Meter Run
15 Overhead Squats (95#/65#)

*6pm Skill Class: Gymnastics

16 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 24, 2012

  1. Major shout out to all the peeps at the gym yesterday!! Y’all all did great! Sme MAJOR board shuffling going on yesterday!

  2. Nancy in 18:58, RX. That’s a PR of 30 seconds over my 11/28/11 Nancy. I forgot about 11/28 so this morning I told Emily that my previous PR was 26 minutes. I was mistaken; that was the time before last. Despite my confusion I managed a PR today. So glad. Next time I simply have to run faster because all OHS were unbroken and transitions were quick. Running was not quick; must run faster.

  3. 15:31 RX

    Can’t find an old Nancy time, but I am certain it would have been slower than today because I did all my OHS unbroken, which I haven’t done before.

  4. 16:48 RX – first two rounds unbroken, but then had to go to 10/5 or 9/6. Just too freaking hot!!!

    I guess Jud overslept on his beauty sleep?

    1. As if I need beauty sleep! I took the MAT today at 10:00 and went to spend the day with my parents out-of-town. However, I will be back tomorrow at noon. I was planning on using the PVC today anyway. Lol

  5. I was s-l-o-w today… I’m pretty sure I was last in the noon class, oh well. I took 22-23 minutes… I forgot to write it down. I used Rx weight but my range of motion was lacking in the OHS. And they were not unbroken… just didn’t have it in me today… I think the worst part of the WOD was in round 4 when I realized it was 5 rounds instead of 4 and I had 1 more round to go… ugh.

    Juuudddd, where were you? I was so excited to see you and you were out lunching or brunching or shopping or something… or maybe Bryan’s right, you were getting your beauty sleep…

  6. Love this day’s picture!! That lovely chalk drawing was done by my daughter, Claire, who thinks RX has a “cool kids area!”

    I think yesterday’s work (DLs and “Grace”) shocked my body. Back was cramping during today’s WOD. After Nancy, I currently can only sit with a back pillow. sigh

    26:?? 65# OHS for RDS 3, 65# Front squats for last 2 RDS.

  7. So, I’m doing this WOD three days late because I suffered a wonderful arachnid bite that stopped me from crossfitting for a couple days. 13:02 at 70lbs for the OHS. Originally thought I’d do 75 but I doubted myself. Probably should have stuck with it.

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