Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Recovery is key!


Two rounds for time of:
50 Pull-ups
75 Sit-ups
50 Overhead squats(75#/55#)
75 Double-unders

NOTE: Sub for OHS is Front Squat. Sub for DU is 3-1 Singles or 1-1 “best attempts”.

25 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    1. apologies…tonight is the last of our “Bring a Friend for Free” days, so skills will return Thursday. It will be the first in our series: Squats 😉

  1. I so wanted to do this workout! But I’m sick, if anyone (Kelly!) is wondering–bronchitis. Hope to be back soon.

  2. Well, this one should’ve been called 2 rounds of ‘goats’ for time. Yikes! After yesterday’s TTB, my hands were shot, so the pull ups sucked.

    Only did half the OHS in round 2 so I could finish, and it still took 33 minutes. Crap!

    Great job to Mike, though, for schooling us all in 25-and-change!

  3. I hope you feel better soon Paige!
    WOD: still modifying for shoulders, but getting there!
    25 strict-ish pull-ups (little kip) + 25 ring rows
    50 front squats at 55#
    Time = 26:21

  4. Feel better Paige, hope I see you soon it has been way too long.
    19:??rx got to practice butterfly( one day ill master those) great job 8:30, so good to see you Pat.

  5. My apologies to the noon peeps for pulling the plug on the clock in the middle of your WOD. Whooda thought that cord traveled all the way downstairs to the primary timepiece!?? Oops!

    1. Rooth – feel free to come at 7PM and make the same mistake mid-WOD. That will be my official time and I won’t have to be so scared of this workout….

        1. No clock funny business required. 36:45 since I didn’t listen to the clock and kept going.

          AND first attempt ever at Double Unders and I got two in a row!!!! Yay me 🙂

  6. 31:50 or so with banded pullups and 3:1 singles.

    Thanks for letting me workout while I was in town. It did me a world of good and motivated me for working out on my own; I must confess I haven’t been motivated since moving. I will be back in town in late January and will visit again. Thanks, Kelly and Michael; you have a special place at CFRX…I always appreciated it, but even more so now that I am away. Thanks, Emily for the great coaching.

  7. Loved today!
    well hate the pullups but got through it thanks to Aimme Pasqual right next to me…
    18:53 RX.

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