Tuesday, January 29, 2013


10 Minutes to Find a 1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk


OTM x 20
Odd – 4 Squat Cleans (building)
Even – Max Strict Pullups

6 pm skills: Rope Climbing & Double Under Drills

16 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 29, 2013

  1. Skills class yes please!

    My doubles are stumbly and I’m afraid of our rope, which is 80 feet higher than it was in our previous space. 80 feet!!!

  2. 145 c&j pr 🙂
    I have to work on my squat!

    80 pull ups- and I have to say that includes the round where I stopped and changed a major poo diaper(that’s real life)

    And I started with 95 for my squat cleans and then switched to 105 for the last 4 rounds

  3. 95# clean and jerk
    85# squat and my pull ups were let’s just say hysterical! Thanks for the help Burke-had a better workout because of you then I thought I would.

  4. Skills class was fun! I climbed the big scary rope I swore I’d never climb! HA!!

    Now I need to learn how to come down properly and without panicking.

    p.s. I love Yellow Dog. She is my good dog friend.

  5. Would’ve enjoyed skills class but the 5:00 took it out of me– in a good way. 82# c&j (matches pr which I will beat one day soon) For the wod I dropped to empty bar and front squatting each one because my form was suffering. Did something like 95 pull ups with red and blue bands.

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