Tuesday, December 4, 2012


10 Minutes to find an “unbroken” 5 RM Clean and Jerk


“Perfect Punch”
2 Rounds of:
    6 Power Cleans (155#/105#)
    6 Handstand Push Ups
2 Rounds of:
    6 Power Cleans
    12 Dips (Ring or Box)
2 Rounds of:
    6 Power Cleans
    24 Hand Release Push Ups

6 pm Skills: Squats

10 thoughts on “Tuesday, December 4, 2012

  1. Hi friends!! I’m taking a CrossFit rest day and visiting our friends next door for some Tough Love:


    aka, “active rest.” I may stop by CFRX, though, just to leave some empty water bottles. Michael and Kelly LOVE that.

    Amy L: I hope you can get to the gym today!

    Brittany: NICE job yesterday! You are the new queen of situps! All hail!

    1. I did get to go this morning to the 830. We had a fun class, Brit really pushed me, and I had really ugly form on my pu and ring dips….really ugly.
      7:35 or 45 or something RX

    2. Thanks Terri- Situps are my ONLY favorite move in crossfit! ha just kidding.
      7:54 RX and my pushups and ring dips would make anyone fall over laughing today!

  2. Good workout this morning. I didn’t feel very strong on the C&J’s so stopped at 95#.

    Metcon: 11:14
    105# cleans
    65# PP instead of HSPU
    banded ring dips
    paralette pushups

  3. Liz & I miss the gym. Our colds drag on. We both almost came in today, but then decided we were still too germy. I hope you all appreciate how considerate we’re being of your health! xoxoxo

  4. 5 RM C&J: 95#

    “Perfect Punch”

    12:44 @ 100#
    Started at 105# for 1st round and dropped
    box dips

    Feel better Joy and Liz!

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