11 thoughts on “Tuesday, December 11, 2012

  1. Holy moly! My not-yet-a-high-schooler PR’d on his bench press by 40# today. Ah, youth. He hit 180#! Later this week he’ll test his progress on running the 40; vertical leap and (if his shoulder is up to it) hang power clean.

    I’m sure it all has to do with Kelly and Michael’s coaching this summer 😉

  2. 34:35 with sprawls for burpees (no chest to ground)

    It has been while since I’ve done a long workout. Glad I got it out of the way this morning.

  3. Erica (and baby) put us all to shame this morning. Great job! Me? I’m just fat and slow (no baby).

    38-flat. I used to like running, too. Grr… Gotta get that back.

  4. 33:30 RX

    good 6p crew! Good job Amy L. and Dave Dallas!! Fast runners!

    that was a long one. i was getting dizzy doing all those burpees.

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