Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great job to all of our athletes who rocked the “Rumble at the River” this weekend in Columbus!!


10 Minutes to: Practice Muscle Ups (ring or bar)
OR Max Rep Muscle Ups


“Death by Burpee”

1 Burpee on the first minute

2 Burpees on the second minute

3 Burpees on the third minute


NOTE: If you think this WOD is too easy, try doing it with a judge watching and/or jumping onto a weight plate 😉

*6 pm Skills: Gymnastics elements

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 21, 2012

  1. 10 muscle-ups in ~10 minutes. Only 2 or 3 misses. First time doing multiple MUs since my injury-induced CF break.

    15 full rounds + 11 or 12
    (lost count on the last round once I realized I wasn’t going to get to 16)

  2. practiced holding upright on rings then dipping (Thanks, Coach Pat for that hint).

    Death: 14 rounds + 8
    Thanks to the 8:30 cheering squad for making me continue past 13!

  3. 13 + 12. Should’ve made it to 14.

    As for muscle-ups, just gotta work on the grip in a hang. I can jump into a muscle up almost every time, but can’t kip right without the grip.

  4. I died too soon! Just wore me out. Made it 12 rounds + 11. I said this was a short person’s workout and thenTall Brian (sp?) proved me wrong by getting the most at 6 am!

  5. sooo many PRs today! literally 4 or 5 folks had their first ever muscle up today…OUTSTANDING! In addition, several athletes opted for the “jump-to-plate” version which is a great variation for burpees. The skillz class covered handstand push-ups & everyone made serious progress. Anyone who chose to miss today definitely missed some Awesomeness. Well done CFRX!

  6. Home WOD! 18 + 13. Totally had it easier than all of you who did this at the gym — no muscle up practice. My shoulders were really shot after this and I definitely wouldn’t have gotten that score had I done MUs.

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