Tuesday 200331

CrossFit Rx – CrossFit


Join us for a coach-led @ home Zoom workout!! Click on the link below to hop in on the fun.

7AM: https://zoom.us/j/248145565

5PM: https://zoom.us/j/986338695

Metcon (Time)

At-Home Workout 200331



Run 2x800m. Rest 3 minutes b/t

Run 4x400m. Rest 2 minutes b/t

Run 8x200m. Rest 1 minute b/t



12 prone scorpions

30 arch body rocks

10 (assisted) pistol squats


Cool Down Thoughts

Have you been drinking enough water??

If you have a Yeti (or any travel coffee container) use that as a gauge for how much water you drink each day. It keeps the water cold plus if you fill it up 4-5 times you are most likely drinking enough!

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