Thursday, September 12, 2013

bronwyn bridge130912:

10 x 3 Front Squat @ 80%


Open WOD 13.4
Up Ladder by 3…
Clean & Jerk (135#/95#)
Toes to Bar

NOTE: For example, reps go 3 & 3, 6 & 6, 9 & 9, etc. until 7 minutes are up.

630 skills *Wildcard class postponed until Tuesday*

3 thoughts on “Thursday, September 12, 2013

  1. This was alot of fun this am. Love love love coach David and the 8:30 crew
    And that’s a great picture Bronwyn! I need to start taking mobility lessons from you, way to go.

    1. You and Coach David were awesome! I got over my fear of dropping the weight, and he helped me get better form on those front squats. I have cool bruises on top of my shoulders to prove I had the bar in the right place lol

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