Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks to CrossFit Kids for this great example of how to safely pick up our turkey this season…remember: “Fast Elbows” people!!


**Gym Closed: Turkeys Beware!**

Alternate WOD:

Complete the following with friends, for fun:

Run 10 Miles
Bike 14 Miles

NOTE: Coach Michaelsaurus will be at the base of the Stone Mountain walk-up trail @ 0700 Thanksgiving day. He and anyone else who shows up will turkey-trot around the Cherokee Trail twice at a pace that allows the entire group to remain a group. THEN we will be biking the big loop twice. Everyone is invited 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thursday, November 22, 2012

  1. First, I am SO GRATEFUL today for my wonderful CrossFit RX community. I feel very blessed on this Thanksgiving and hope you and yours are all doing well.

    Second, I modified today’s workout. Ran 5 miles in the New Orleans annual turkey day race. 52:41 (slow start due to the couple thousand people doing this with me!)


  2. Thanks again to those who showed up @ Stone Mountain bright and early to play today (you know who you are)…it was awesome!
    Just fyi (although it wasn’t for time officially) our first lap of the Cherokee Trail was just under 50 mintues, second lap just over. 2 Bike laps together in just over 50 min…and of course mucho transition time.
    Great way to spend the morning! 🙂

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