Thursday, November 1, 2012

Congrats to our latest CrossFit married couple!!


10 Minutes to: Learn/practice Snatching OR Overhead Squat 


In 2 Minutes:
Max Snatch Plus 3 Overhead Squats


6 Minute Up Ladder of:
Burpee Box Jump, 20″
Wall Ball (20#/14#)
Toes to Bar

16 thoughts on “Thursday, November 1, 2012

  1. Since I can’t hardly move due to Wall-balls 2 days in a row (btw, thanks for that Kelly), I decided to take out my pain in poetry. Oh, and I am NO poet, so feel free to bash away.

    “An Ode to a Wall-ball”

    by Daniel Brandfast

    I have this feeling,
    down in my legs,
    My body hurts,
    It pleads and begs.

    It says it hurts,
    I hear it’s moans,
    From the top of my head,
    To the depth of my bones.

    What is this sensation,
    That is sooooo not Joy.
    It is Kelly & David hollering,

    They never stop,
    As they yell with there jaws.
    These Crossfit Harpies,
    Who demand more Wall-balls!

    I throw it up,
    It comes back down!
    This evil BALL!
    I say with a frown.

    But as I tire,
    Get winded and weak,
    I reach the finish.
    The END……
    The Peak……

    I need some oxygen,
    I need some air,
    I need 1 more wall-ball
    It’s gonna kill me I swear!

    I throw it up,
    and catch it with my face!
    I have finished this WOD!
    For goodness sake.

    I now roll over,
    On the floor, spread out.
    When from the pit of HADES,
    I hear with a Shout……

    I forgot the clock,
    Was on TABATA for score…….

    There are many Wall-balls,
    but this one is mine!
    So I heave it into the air….
    Just one…….
    more time……..

    The End……..

    1. Ha!!!!!!! Love it!

      I caught one with my face last week, learning why we’re supposed to remove the rig brackets first.

  2. Great pic, theresa & jay!!

    Great poem, Daniel!

    Went for a lovely 10 min fun run in place of lifting.

    Ladder: 6rds +7 +7 +4 (hands-free burpee box jumps, 14 lb medball squat jumps, v-ups)

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