Thursday, June 28, 2012


10 Minutes: Power Clean to Front Squat, work to a heavy single


60 Calorie Row
50 Hand Release Push Ups
40 Games Style Box Jumps (24#/20#)
30 Kettlebell Swings (55#/35#)
20 Front Squats (185#/135#)
10 Bar Muscle Ups


*6 pm Skill Class: Monostructural Movement

25 thoughts on “Thursday, June 28, 2012

  1. Each picture of Jess A screams: “No, Excuses!” Get it girl!!! 🙂

    Also I concur w/ Kelly, we heart you!!

  2. Just wanted to introduce myself to the CFRX family. I’m Corey originally from Decatur but have been in Dallas for the past 3 years. Just moved back this week and it’s been great being here.I’ve been crossfit for about a year now (July 1 will be my 1st anniversary) and I am addicted. Thanks to all who have made me feel welcome thus far.

    Wod: (192 total reps)
    60 cal row
    50 HRPU
    40 BJ @24
    30 KBS @ 55#
    12 FS @ 155#
    Thanks Joey for the push and the tips.
    Thanks Cassey for the future rowing help 🙂

  3. Y’all are so sweet! This lil’ momma hearts all of you!!! I honestly wouldn’t have kept coming if is wasn’t for all of your encouragement and support. THANK YOU!

    Welcome, Corey!

    WOD: 147 reps (mod: pushups off a bench and stepups)

  4. Yay Jess! You’re the awesomest. And welcome Corey! We all chased you through that AMRAP.

    PC+FS: 140# (PR!)

    WOD: 180 reps (With 135# on the bar for front squats and only 20 seconds to go I cleaned it up but couldn’t make the squat. Oh well!)

    And for the record – I DID get a couple bar muscle ups before and after the workout! Fun! If anyone needs muscle up inspiration, the olympic trials for gymnastics starts tonight with the men’s competition on NBC! Women are tomorrow and all weekend!

  5. Joined the 6 am class because I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep! What a great group. I enjoyed meeting Cassi, whose times I am always chasing!

    Corey, nice to meet you and welcome!

    Got 180 reps…got to the FS with 1 min+ to spare and just didn’t have it in me. Missed 2 cleans, got the third, and then bailed on th FS.

    PC and FS @ 135. Stopped there. PR is 155 on clean, not sure on FS.

    SUPER CUTE, Jess!!

  6. Great pics Jess!

    PC and FS: PC 115# (PR 125- but OK with that since working back from injuries)–FS 105

    Got 182 reps—the row helped me out a lot…step-ups and the 2 FS were with just the bar

  7. Welcome corey! Jess you are so awesome! 186 but not RX.
    Clean 120 that was a PR.
    Practiced bar muscle ups after workout , not even close, but I’m working on it.

    Great job everyone, seems like everybody really did super on this one.

  8. 130 PC2FS. PR on PC!
    183 reps RX but using rack for FS. G’head, call me out but I do as I’m told! What was the burpee penalty?

  9. Day two of stand-up paddling: Ruth was the star again and only fell in once. I stayed out of the oyster beds and made only one girly squealing noise. Progress!

  10. PC to FS: 135

    AMRAP: 127 RX. Sucky performance. I had just completed 10x100Meter sprints in the 3pm sun and it was probably ill-advised to do this immediately after. Oh well. Live and learn.

  11. PR!…got my second and third ever bar muscle ups while coaching tonight. couldn’t pull a 4th for the 5:00pm class…sorry gang…will keep working. LOVE learning new movements!
    AND great job to the 6:00 pm Skillz Class who rocked Pose Running & Double-Under drills…then completed “Death By 10 Meters” with jumprope between the sprints…well done!!

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