Thursday, June 14, 2012

jessica h. as RX'd on mt. rainier
“Upside Down”
5 Rounds For Time:
20 Hand Release Push Ups
40 Air Squats
200 Meter Run

18 thoughts on “Thursday, June 14, 2012

  1. Had to do a few alts as I reinjured my calf on Tues:-(!

    24 ish
    20 pushups (from knees on 2 abmats)
    15 10# WB
    20 14# WB situps

    1:09 for farmer’s carry

    My shoulders are jello.

  2. 1:03 and 1:10 for farmers carry! Had fun doing that with super women Nikki and christen!

    12:20RX great job to Rachel she was really fast! And to Stan who is just plan awesome!

    1. My 8:30 class was super fast today! Inspired me to do this afterward. 14:17 RX. Did the 70#x2 Farmers in 1:46 and tried it again after the metcon 1:22.

  3. Slow but effective: 25:18 with mostly knee push ups.

    Farmer’s carry 1:26

    Last farmer’s carry was 1:51. This time my mind quit well before my hands did.

  4. HOT at noon!!
    13:54 for the metcon

    I totally bailed on the farmer carry at :50 – haha!

    Nice picture of Jessica H!

  5. Hi from perdido key, Florida! Did this wod in the condo gym.

    18:35, pushups off a bench, runs on the treadmill

    My hubs did it with me. His words afterwards: “That ain’t no joke!”

  6. 24 or 25:??
    Had a hard time pushing myself especially on the squats. My legs feel like Jell-o.

    2:15 Farmer’s Carry

  7. 14:57 on the metcon and 1:15 on the farmer’s carry. This is a good WOD. Totally logging it for an at home/travel day!

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