Thursday, January 31, 2013


10 Minutes: Work up to a heavy “Tall Clean” OR practice clean & jerk


Up Ladder 8:
Power Clean (155#/105#)
Front Squat
1,2,3,4…of each.

NOTE: Score is how high you climb in 8 mins.


100 Hollow-Rocks
100 Superman Rocks
For Time.

6 pm skills: Pose Running Drills

10 thoughts on “Thursday, January 31, 2013

  1. Tall Clean: 125#

    Up Ladder: 5 rds + 6pc +1 fs @ 105#

    hollow rocks and superman – 4:47.

    Fun work out today. I felt like was doing pull ups every time I showed up. Happy for the break.

  2. Anyone interested in doing an easy 3 mile run before WOD? Any runners at this box? I will run before the 4 or 5:00 class.

  3. 52# “tall cleans,” which I hoped was just another name for power cleans. It wasn’t.

    Complex: 6 rounds + 7 cleans with #42.

  4. Scant 7am class. It was just me, Preston, and Emily 🙂

    130# on the tall cleans. For the metcon I did 5+9 rounds at 120#. We could have used some of you fast people for the core part, cause we were a little wimpy. 6:36 for me.

  5. Tall Clean – 175 – interesting movement

    Complex – 6 rds even RX – I liked it

    didn’t keep track of finishing.

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