Thursday, January 24, 2013


10 Minutes to: Complete 3 x Max Rep Unbroken Strict Pull Ups


“Opium Dream”
Ground to Overhead with Plate (45#/25#)
5 Burpees + 30 Double Unders

6pm skills: Clean and jerk

18 thoughts on “Thursday, January 24, 2013

  1. Dearest lonely, unloved CFRX blog,

    I probably should stop writing to you as well, but I appear to be addicted to blogging, just as I am addicted to CrossFit. So here I am.

    3 strict pull ups with the big green band.

    MetCon RX in 23:06.

    Doubles were trippy; burpees slow as ever.

    Your pal,

    1. You’re so good, Terri, to go to the gym, blog, & encourage everyone else to. I love & miss the gym very much, but I’ve had a stupid cold and car repair drama. Hope to be in soon!

    2. Don’t quit the blog! I’ll miss it this week, but then again I’ll be in the Caribbean acting like a pirate so maybe I’ll post about the booty we find.

      Won’t make tonight – pushed myself yesterday.

  2. Thanks Terri – CFRX wouldn’t be the same without you EVER.

    I did this one from home. Thank you Brittany for bringing a 25# plate home for me. I think it took me 12:00…according to the minutes of the songs on my ipod. =)

  3. you guys are making me feel bad for not blogging!! okay, i’ll blog more.

    strict pull-ups – 24

    metcon – 14:23 RX

  4. My Dearest Loving Terri,

    Your love and devotion are what keep me updating every single day. Without this emotional support, I would never find the strength to make updates each evening.. it’s exhausting and there’s so much pressure to meet my 9pm deadline! But your adoration of me and your constant (and consistent) posts make me the happiest blog on the planet.

    Yours always, in true love,

  5. Hi Terri 🙂 I love that you blog every day! It’s pretty awesome. Maybe people are afraid of blogging.

    Strict Pull ups: 21
    8 + 7 + 6

    “opium dream”
    14:23 RX

  6. Bad shoulder, no pullups. I subbed pushups, got 93 I think.

    13:30 Mod Wod


  7. 11:22 RX
    strict pullups 5, 3, 3–I will get back to my old strength soon!!!

    Terri rocks my socks and my shoes for her blogging efforts!

    Dear Blog,
    could you please come up with some front squats or squat cleans soon? I miss those.

    with love (but sometimes hate),

    1. Dear Sarah,

      Hang in there… we’ll be squatting soon… if we stay on track, it may happen tomorrow. Just a little more “goat” programming to get through and we’ll be squatting and cleaning and other such misery soon.


      P.S. they miss you too…

  8. This one felt really good but I need to get those DUs man!

    Pull Ups (Skinny Blue & Red Band)17

    Opium Dream – 17:34 w/ Singles 3:1 ratio

  9. Speaking of goats, strict pull ups are another one of mine. Oh well, another day, another goat.

    5-4-3, 12 total.

    Metcon: 13:13 Rx. A fun one!

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