Thursday, February 28, 2013


OTM x 12
Odd: 3 Power Cleans
Even: 40 Double Unders


“Partner Slam Ball Sit Ups”
In Teams of 2 Complete: 200 Weighted Sit Ups (100 per person) For Time.

NOTE: Partner 1 completes a situp, throws ball to Partner 2 who catches ball overhead, completes a situp, and throws back…repeat. You pick weight.

6 pm skills: Gymnastics

8 thoughts on “Thursday, February 28, 2013

  1. heavy cleans!

    cleans @ #175 – couldn’t finish every round
    completed all the double unders

    fun time sit ups with Jud! #30.

  2. Cleans 185# still working on double unders but starting to get a little rhythm. Felt better today getting vacation out of the system hurts, so no more vacation for now. Also, I learned I have been using the abmats backwards which is why I slide around everywhere (good to know).

  3. Cleans @ 105# – felt a little light, although it was still work. My double-unders have improved since yesterday! I knocked those out every even round.

    Used 20# slamball for ab work.

  4. On my 4 month Crossfit anniversary my present was… wait for it!

    I got my FIRST DUs!!!! I got a bunch not connected but consecutive (9) and I even got 2 in a row, connected or how ever you call it!!! So that made my day. Just wanna say that Kelly called it when I walked in! And Michael… thanks for the coaching 🙂

    As for the workout… I Cleaned at #55, I need to start adding big girl weight because I could have probably added 15 more lbs to it and been fine.

    Did abs with AmyS at #15… not too shabby! And she’s a beast, did the 100 without resting!

  5. 65# cleans; between 2-10 DUs each round– I’ve got a rope length or rhythm problem I think.

    Sit ups with 10# wallball

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