Thursday, February 14, 2013


10 Minutes: Partner Tricep Smash & Hamstring Smash

NOTE: Minimum Dose is 2 Minutes Triceps/2 Minutes HamstringsĀ Per Person; NO shoes por favor.


5 Rounds of: SEALFIT Barbell Complex

6 reps of each:
1. Dead Lift
2. Up-right Row
3. Hang Squat Clean
4. Front Squat
5. Push Press
6. Back Squat
7. Push Ups

NOTE: You pick the weight; Try to increase load each round.

6 pm skills: Pushing Overhead

9 thoughts on “Thursday, February 14, 2013

  1. I panicked at first when I assumed it was for time. It’s not but still burns.

    65# – 75# – 80# – 85# – 90#

    And now I look just like the guy in the video. (Not quite. Actually, not close.)

  2. Started at 65# and did 5# increments to 85#. Definitely felt the burn on the last set.

  3. I was really scared of this workout but it was actually quite refreshing! I had to do 7 rounds cause my husband was my coach =)

    worked up to 70#

    1. I didn’t see a beach. Seriously I just came from a beach & that was not a beach. Fun workout – 55#. Could have done heavier but the overhead lifts get me every time.

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