Thursday, December 6, 2012

Coach Joey snatches 245#!!


10 Minutes to find an “unbroken” 5 RM Snatch

NOTE: Any style…squat, muscle, power, split…


3 rounds for reps of:
Toes to Bar
KBS (55#/35#)
Wall Balls (20#/14#)

Round 1:  :50 on, :10 off after each movement

Round 2:  :45 on, :15 off after each movement

Round 3:  :40 on, :20 off after each movement

20 thoughts on “Thursday, December 6, 2012

  1. Did Joey wear that t-shirt on purpose? It’s so appropriate… I wonder if it’s his “PR” shirt so he wears it and then videos himself?

    I think my new purple CFRX t-shirt will be my “PR” shirt and I can snatch 245# too… not.

    Nice work Konieczny!

  2. Congrats, Joey!

    Snatch 5RM, 85# (power snatch)

    TTB: 18 (toes did not touch, but really close on some)
    Burpees: 23
    KBS: 67
    WB: 29
    Total: 137

  3. Wow, Joey!!!

    Snatch 5rm: 80#
    Got 85 for 4 and missed the 5th

    TTowardB: 39
    Sprawls (burpee w/o chest to ground): 39
    KBS@ 35#: 66

  4. Yay, Joey!!

    Resting today but stopped in to buy myself a new purple CFRX t-shirt and it is so very beautiful and I love it A LOT and I might wear it to work every day until I get fired.

    1. Lots of gyms use that site as their “go-to” tracking mechanism for members. It’s a great resource for tracking your WODs, PRs, etc. You can set your profile as public or private. Also you can see how you stack up against other folks in certain WODs (benchmarks, Hero WODs mostly). Other gyms follow CFNE programming too so you can find the WODs we do at CFRX pretty easily and see how you compare others who have done the WOD.

      I use an app on my phone, Casey Marshall’s WOD. I like that quite a bit and it can be backed up to your computer too. I use the RSS feed so I don’t have to type in the WOD every day. And I can easily check my stats at the gym if I need to know my PR on a lift, previous time on a WOD, etc.

        1. I use it. BTWB can be a little tedious finding some of the workouts without a gym to follow but it does make for good record keeping. I can easily look up what I did before and it’ll tell me if I improved etc. You can also track rowing, running, max pull-up, DU, 1RM, 5RM pretty easily too.

          This past weekend they did an upgrade, so it’s all changed and they’re still migrating some of the workouts. It may be a few weeks before they iron all the kinks out and migrate the wods (which, or course, are the ones we are using).

          I also use the WOD app Elizabeth mentioned. I started it before BTWB but kept it up as it is easy to check records in the gym (especially weights). BTWB also has a mobile enabled version of their site, which i didn’t like, but they have just submitted an app to Apple so it’ll be interesting to see what that looks like.

          1. Thank Clint. I just signed up for it. The new features look pretty cool. I like that you can track meals, sleep, body composition, workouts…and that it actually calculates the average power output through different time domains.

            I’m just getting started with it, but it is pretty sweet so far. Mike said he would look into the CFRX listing to see if it can become active again.

            Thanks again for sharing your experience.

  5. So awesome, Joey!!
    Felt great about tonight’s workout. Parker beat me by 3 reps. Total was 173 RX
    Snatch was 65# which I am very happy with since I’m terrified of this lift. 😉

  6. To the iPod at 7pm – thank you for letting me get my WOD on and my dance on with Sir Mixalot & Pitbull. Almost didn’t mind the burpees…

  7. Impressive Joey!!

    Snatch 55# – 5RM. I think this is the first time I have lifted more than 35# on this so very happy!

    Neat = 125 – everything RX except the TTB. My toes were towards the bar and that’s probably a mild exaggeration. Maybe one day..

  8. FANTASTIC job Ashley! Your progress shows! Keep it up!

    Skills Class- 100 Over Head Shoulder Presses

    7:00 WOD
    105# Snatch
    Neat: 182 RX

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