Thursday, December 13, 2012

“not yoga”

Power Snatch and Kettlebell Mash Up
On the Minute For 20 Minutes:
4 Power Snatches (at 60% of 1 Rep Max)
8 Kettlebell Swings (70#/55#)


Partner WOD: Complete 50 Toes To Bar
NOTE: One partner must be doing burpees while other does T2B. Switch as needed.

6 pm Skills: Gymnastics

27 thoughts on “Thursday, December 13, 2012

  1. Hey now. Don’t disrespect yoga. In just a couple of weeks, yoga has me on the verge of a full headstand, which is right next to a handstand, which is right next to a handstand push up. Yoga is giving me the confidence to go for unassisted kipping pull ups.

    Yoga rocks. Yoga makes a better CrossFitter. Yoga is our neighbor and our friend. Be cool about yoga.

      1. Let’s see, it took me 28 mins, and was getting exponentially slower, to run 2.5 miles and do 75 Burpee Pull-ups – now you want to do Clovis ???
        Sounds great. I’m interested. Just need 2+ hours to do it.
        Michaelsaurus might be in too.
        Elizabeth went and hid behind the Christmas tree.

      2. Hmmm… not gonna lie… I was hiding in the garage, not behind the christmas tree.

        I could be convinced… this one has peaked my interest but I’m going to need 2 hours where Jud the Stud can knock this out in 1.5 hours or less.

        One request: not doing it in the rain or cold or cold + rain or any cold/rain combo one can think of…

        I bet K-Lev would buy-in on Clovis…

        Who else is up for a little insanity? I need a 2 hour +/- partner (and that’s not Amy L who will be hanging with Jud).

    1. i just goggled Clovis and it is 10 mile run and 150 burpee pullups!!!!!!!
      y’all are crazy!
      but i want to try to do this! I hate running! why would i ever say i want to do this!
      let me know when you are going to do this.

      1. Sound great guys! I guess we’ll need to block off about 2-3 hours and see if Kelly and Michael (who may want to join in) will allow us to use the gym for the burpee pull-ups. What about the Friday after Christmas after the noon class at 1:00. If anyone can think of other times let us know. It’ll be a great workout to do!

          1. I could do Dec 27. Then, from Dec 28 thru Jan 1 (including NY Day, I’m working…. curses that Resolution Run!)

  2. Jud, you name the date and time, I think this is a great idea, and we will have a nice little crowd.

    Today’s WOD was pretty fun, 830 was a great group!

    I used 65lbs and 55kb, did everything unbroken which makes me think I should have used 70+lbs. next time;/

    Daniel B. I seriously have a heavy, huge head( my chin only touched once!!) 😉

    1. Amy, you rocked it today! Unbroken! And I completely got my ass kicked by this WOD!

      And it would take me a while, but I’ll do the Clovis WOD!

      On another note, I hear Kelly will be installing “Chin Pads” on some of the bars for people to rest there chin on during static holds. Rumor has it they will be dubbed “Amy’s Pad”. The source of this rumor is not yet known???

  3. This was one of those that looks easier than it is (I shouldn’t be surprised!)

    75# Snatch
    70# KBS for three rounds, then went to 55#

    Had the best partner for the TTB, though!

    1. I’m open to that… it’s Boxing Day (well for folks in the Commonwealth) so why not?

      If there is rain or extreme cold, I will pull the Princess card.

  4. I wish this WOD was more like yoga–harder than I thought. 😉

    55# snatch/55#KBS
    didn’t make it to more than half the kbs

    t2b with mitchell
    3:27/45 burpees

  5. Ashley M and Stephanie (that’s me) rocked it. We snatched bars like it was our job, swang kettleballs like cave women upset at husbands, completed 38 burpees and knees to chest in like two minutes. This was promptly celebrated with margaritas – ever tried picking up men in a bar after a workout like that?!

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