Thursday, August 4, 2016


On the minute perform 5 burpees and a max set of 135 lb thrusters. Keeping this pace till you complete 100 total thrusters.

NOTE: At the beginning of every minute perform 5 burpees, for the rest of the minute perform as many thrusters as you can during that minute. At the beginning of the next minute perform 5 burpees and then max rep thrusters and so on until you reach 100 total thrusters. Go as long as it must take to complete the 100 thrusters.


3×10 Inverse Curls
3×20 Hypers/Hip Extensions

630 Skills: Rowing Skills…parts of the stroke
4 Rounds for time:
Row 20 calories
10 Plate Thrusters (you pick the weight)
100’ Overhead Plate Walk

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