Thursday – 200326

CrossFit Rx – CrossFit


Join us 6 PM daily for a coach-led @ home Zoom workout!!

Click on the link below to hop in on the fun:

Metcon (No Measure)

Run Warm-Up:


5 alternating sets of 30s @ each movement

A1. Max 50ft shuttle runs

*50ft down and back.

Rest 30s

A2. Max distance Handstand walk

*reverse bear crawl

Rest 30s

A3. Max double unders

*single unders or hops

Rest 30s

A4. Max mountain climbers

Rest 30s


3 sets of:

45s arch body rocks

10 prone scorpions

8/ side bird dogs

10 side plank arch ups


Cool Down Thoughts:

Learn a new skill. It’s important to regularly challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. What is something you’ve wanted to try to teach yourself how to do? Anything goes!

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