10 thoughts on “*This Sunday…CrossFit RoX!*

  1. Dont worry joy…we’ll def have more climbing events in the future. Our own wall might even be finished sometime this year 😉

    1. totally beginner friendly…even if you don’t like heights or want to learn to belay, you can “boulder” …aka climb up to 10′ off the deck without a rope (and hopefully a buddy spotting you)

  2. This sounds amazing and we are sad to miss it! We’re out of town this weekend too, but glad to know there will be a next time! Happy Father’s Day!

    1. hey climbing buddy! i was hoping you were in town…see ya sunday (next time we’re gonna try for a field trip outside to HP 40)

      1. Ok!! New schedule starts this Sunday night. So I may be able to climb now during the week anytime after 9am:) I mean that’s a yes I can climb whenever but u know how delirious I can get.

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