We’re Open! (And You Can Still Register Too)

Today is the big day!  The Open is upon us with the first workout announcement only hours away!  Check out the stacked CFRX roster above (and that’s not everyone!).  Stop sittin’ on the fence and get registered today.  And if you still need a little push, check out the FAQ — check it out by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “We’re Open! (And You Can Still Register Too)

  1. All. Over. It. I’ll get smoked, I’m sure, but why the hell not? Can’t get better less you know where you’re weaknesses are.

  2. Way to go Sean! That’s the spirit… let’s see who else will join you… at the end of the day, you’ll have tons of fun and no regrets!

    Good Luck,
    The Blog

  3. I signed up too! Because, why not? I figured I could learn something about myself in the process. Just, please god let there be no muscle-ups…

  4. So happy that all of you are signing up!!! It will be fun and you get to see another side of Crossfit!!!!

  5. Hey, everybody, who about some real photos posted with your profiles when you sign up! It was so cool to see the big roster of folks from CFRX on the Open website, but I hate all the Pukey the Clown pictures. Plus, it could help us learn who’s who at our growing gym. xoxo

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