**Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule**

Special Gym Hours To Accommodate Feast-ivities!! Nom Nom Nom

Wednesday 27th: Last class starts @ 4:30 pm.

Thursday 28th: Gym closed for Thanksgiving.

Friday 29th: Open 9:00 am & 10:00 am ONLY.

**Anyone planning special WODS or funnings during our modified hours, please feel free to announce events in the COMMENTS section of this post**


4 thoughts on “**Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule**

  1. Thinking about going to Stone Mountain Thursday morning for a quick hike up the mountain and/or jog around the mountain before stuffing my face all day 🙂 If anyone wants to join, let me know!! I would probably go early since I have to be at my parents’ house by 12.

  2. Hey gang
    I will be repeating my Thanksgiving biathalon this year beginning at 0730 @ the Stone Mountain walk-up trail. Depending on weather, 1 or 2 laps around the mountain on foot, then 1 or 2 on bike.
    Last year I had 2 CFRXers join in the fun…would be cool to break that record this time!
    This is a more of a Turkey-jog rather than Turkey-sprint, so everyone is welcome. My mobile # is 404.849.8657 and my email is coachmichaelsaurus@gmail.com in case you’d like to RSVP. I’ll probably hang out at the trailhead for a few minutes & plan to be on the hoof NLT 0740. (For those who like to plan ahead, the 5+ mile loop usually takes an hour, depending on trail conditions)
    Hope to see someone there 🙂 Gobble gobble

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